Can Social Media “Democratize” Art or Movie Criticism?

twitter art moviesHere’s another way people are leveraging Twitter – in advertising to “democratize” art criticism. Continue reading



Have you ever thought about how digital technology and social media are changing people’s jobs? Then you are in the right place. Welcome to Workplace Evolution, where we will explore “Workplace 2.0.”

Examples of workplace 2.0 are all around us. A recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured a resident tweeting a surgery, as it happened, to residents around the country. In Up in the Air, George Clooney’s constant travels are threatened when Anna Kendrick introduces a webconference alternative to his company (as if hiring someone else to fire your employees wasn’t impersonal enough). The iPad is changing (or trying to change) the face of many occupations, as evident in their new ad. Being a celebrity these days even has a whole new meaning as celebrity Twitter accounts allow fans to follow every movement.

On Workplace Evolution, we will look at these and other changes happening to today’s jobs. We hope you enjoy reading!