Technology Helps Us Understand Our Universe

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Image: NASA

I’ve always been fascinated in astronomy. I loved taking astronomy in college, and love reading about advances in understanding the universe. While reading an article today about one of these new advances, it occured to me that this is a field that has been completely revolutionized by technology. Continue reading


Building a Customer Base Through Flickr

Photographers can build and expand their business through social media, attracting new customers and also highlighting their work for a professional stock images service. A new article from The Daily Athenaeum discussed these benefits for photographers to use Flickr, a video and image hosting site owned by Yahoo. By uploading their photos on to the site, photographers can showcase their work in a public way to potential customers. By having the option to tag photos, Flickr helps these photographers extend the reach of their work, as the tags will allow the photos to appear in search engine results.

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