For Some, Social Media IS the Job

Yes we all love checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts, reading our favorite blogs and watching videos on YouTube. But can you imagine having social media be your job? For many, that is the case. released a report last year titled “The State of Social Media Jobs 2010,” which showed an astronomical rise in social media-related job postings, with Yahoo! HotJobs reporting a 974% increase from 2009 to 2010.

I’m sure this is not news to any of you – social media-related positions have been on the rise for some time. This isn’t only due to social media creeping into the many aspects of people’s jobs – many of these are new positions solely focused on social media. More and more, companies want employees that can help integrate social media into their business. Newsweek reports that companies are looking for employees that can “easily glide between the more traditional parts of a company and its growing digital division.”

Where Does This Increase Come From?

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