Kindergarteners Get Free iPad2 Tablets

One thought entered my head when I read that kindergarteners in Maine were going to be receiving free iPad2 tablets. Seriously? Continue reading


Teacher Blogs About Students, Gets Suspended

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Image: Matt Rourke/AP

Natalie Munroe, a teacher in Bucks County, PA, was suspended last month for ranting about her students on her personal blog. Continue reading

How the iPad is Changing Work Across Fields

ipad business school work In my first post, I mentioned that Apple was positioning the iPad as a tool to change many fields, throughout the business world, schools and many other occupations. An article from the Mail & Guardian in the UK discusses the way the iPad is changing occupations. Continue reading

Why Do I Need to Learn Math When I Have a Calculator?

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Think back to high school math class. Did you ever think “I don’t need to know this – I have a calculator or computer to do the math for me”?

Math class is finally catching up to the digital age. Continue reading

Should Teachers be “Friends” with Their Students?

As the wife of a soon-to-be teacher, one of the things I’ve been looking forward to exploring on this blog is how social media and technology have changed the face of teaching. There are just so many aspects to this – one of which is how teachers are handling the rise of the social network and the way it’s blurring social lines between them and their students.

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