Access Hollywood Consults Social Media

It’s pretty widely known that celebrities have taken to Twitter to directly communicate with the masses. Continue reading


Can Social Media “Democratize” Art or Movie Criticism?

twitter art moviesHere’s another way people are leveraging Twitter – in advertising to “democratize” art criticism. Continue reading

Spotlight: Porter Gale, Virgin America

Jeff Sweat, editor-in-chief of the Yahoo! Advertising Blog, recently interviewed Porter Gale, VP of marketing at Virgin America, about their social media strategy. According to Sweat, Virgin America is one of the companies out there who are “getting social media right.” Continue reading

Tweet Your Way to An Ice Cold One

Twitter Beer Vendor Mariners

Image: Kevin Zelko

Baseball games are a big part of American culture. We are used to having hot dog vendors and “beer guys” walking up and down the aisles shouting to us. Now picture this: instead of hearing those shouts, what if you could tweet your order and have it brought to you when you want it? Continue reading

How the Internet Can Help You Become President

Obama Social Media Presidential Campaign

"I think I'll need to tweet about that..."

I thought today would be a fitting time to discuss political campaigns. When you think of social media and politics, there is one campaign that floats to the top. Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was one that changed political campaigns by being the first to really embrace the web. Continue reading

Museums Join in on Social Media

Museum Social Media New York Times

The Brooklyn Museum

Shelley Bernstein started as a curatorial assistant in the Egyptian department at the Brooklyn Museum eleven years ago with no intention to stay long-term. The rise of technology caught her interest, and she now leads a team of three as chief of technology. Continue reading