Can Social Media “Democratize” Art or Movie Criticism?

twitter art moviesHere’s another way people are leveraging Twitter – in advertising to “democratize” art criticism. Continue reading


Spotlight: Porter Gale, Virgin America

Jeff Sweat, editor-in-chief of the Yahoo! Advertising Blog, recently interviewed Porter Gale, VP of marketing at Virgin America, about their social media strategy. According to Sweat, Virgin America is one of the companies out there who are “getting social media right.” Continue reading

Spotlight: Meghan Gutierrez, Lymphoma Research Foundation


Lymphoma Research Foundation, Social Media and Nonprofit

Meghan Gutierrez, Chief Communications Officer of the Lymphoma Research Foundation

In continuing to look at how nonprofits are facing the rise of social media, I spoke with former colleague Meghan Gutierrez, chief communications officer at the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Take a look below and see how this advocacy organization is working with social media, and what Meghan recommends for other nonprofit communications professionals. You can also visit to learn more about the Foundation and what they’re doing. Continue reading

Twitter as a Tool for Journalists

Last week, you heard from a communications professional that social media has both helped her job and made it harder. As a PR executive myself, I can also attest that social media has opened new doors for communications. There are many new opportunities for reaching people in a direct way. But, at the same time, it can certainly feel overwhelming. For example, measuring success of a communications campaign has added layers now. In addition to media impressions and web traffic, it’s not strange to track how many “likes” and tweets your campaign gets.   Continue reading

Spotlight: Josie Feliz, The Partnership at

Josie Feliz, Partnership at, Social Media and nonprofit

Josie Feliz, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at The Partnership at

The past 10 years have brought much change with regards to social media and its affect on the communications industry. I caught up with Josie Feliz, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at The Partnership at (you may remember them as The Partnership for a Drug-Free America), to discuss how social media has creeped its way into her life and work. Continue reading