Can Social Media “Democratize” Art or Movie Criticism?

twitter art moviesHere’s another way people are leveraging Twitter – in advertising to “democratize” art criticism. Droga5, a NYC-based ad agency, has included links on advertisements in their campaign for George Condo’s latest exhibit at the New Museum. When people go to the link, it brings up what people are saying on Twitter after having visited the exhibit.

These things are sometimes very different from the “official” critiques, which are also on the posters. For example, one poster notes the New York Times called the exhibit “sensational.” When visiting the link, you would see that a museum-goer called the exhibit “dopetastic.” The goal is to show how different these can be from each other.

Droga5 predicts that movie promoters will soon use the same tactic. While this can have a dramatically bad effect on sales, as in the example of Bruno (good opening night, followed by lagging sales after reviews got out on social media), it can also have a dramatically positive benefit. There have definitely been movies that I hadn’t planned on seeing, but eventually did see because of the good reviews I heard from my friends. Imagine that happening on a larger and faster scale, escalated by social media.

However, Chris Thilk, who runs the blog Movie Marketing Madness, doesn’t feel that Twitter will have the ability to move the needle on the box office.

What do you think? Does seeing positive reviews on Facebook or Twitter encourage you to see a movie (or art exhibit) that you didn’t plan on seeing? Do you think this would be enough to make an impact on ticket sales on a larger scale?


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