Kindergarteners Get Free iPad2 Tablets

One thought entered my head when I read that kindergarteners in Maine were going to be receiving free iPad2 tablets. Seriously? Continue reading


Using Facebook or Twitter for Studying?

Social Media Studying

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With more than 500 million users on Facebook and 175 million users on Twitter, there are bound to be multiple uses for the platforms. Here’s one you probably haven’t thought of – using it as a “study buddy.” Continue reading

How the iPad is Changing Work Across Fields

ipad business school work In my first post, I mentioned that Apple was positioning the iPad as a tool to change many fields, throughout the business world, schools and many other occupations. An article from the Mail & Guardian in the UK discusses the way the iPad is changing occupations. Continue reading

Why Do I Need to Learn Math When I Have a Calculator?

math, teachers, technology, calculators

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Think back to high school math class. Did you ever think “I don’t need to know this – I have a calculator or computer to do the math for me”?

Math class is finally catching up to the digital age. Continue reading

Twitter to the Rescue…in the OR?

I wanted to take a look back to the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that helped spark the idea of this blog. In the episode, Dr. Bailey allowed Lexie to tweet updates as she performed surgery. Upon discovering this, Dr. Weber demanded that she discontinue this until he could look into the ethical implications. Continue reading