Want to Be Friends with the Police Department?

If you live in Pell City, Alabama, then you can. The Pell City Police Department announced that they set up a Facebook page after they couldn’t figure out how else to squash rumors that weapons had been confiscated at the local high school. They had 300 friends sign up within 24 hours. The department uses the page to make announcements and interact with the public.

A quick Facebook search showed that Pell City isn’t the only one with a Facebook page for their police department. They’re joined online by police departments in Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago and Tulsa, just to name a few. There are also state police pages for Kentucky, Virgina and Michigan.

I guess it’s a good way to keep informed of what’s going on in your neighborhood. It just doesn’t seem like the first page I would look for when deciding who to be friends with on Facebook.


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